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In Ontario, motorcycle riders are required by law to have the following insurance coverages on their motorcycle to get an Ontario plate and to ride legally:

  1. Third- Party Liability
  2. Accident Benefits
  3. Uninsured Automobile
  4. Direct Compensation Property Damage

For further information:

  1. What Is The Mandatory Car Insurance In Ontario?
  2. Understanding Insurance for Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, and Other Motorized Vehicles

Collision coverage will cover damage to your own bike (or automobile)  when involved in an accident regardless of if you are the at-fault party or not.  Comprehensive coverage covers your bike (or automobile)  against perils such as fire, theft or vandalism.  It is highly recommended that all policy holders have both coverages.  All perils coverage is a catch-all term, essentially combining both Collision and Comprehensive coverages with one deductible amount.  Riders can have different deductible amounts for each if they have collision and comprehensive coverage.

Your good riding history and safe riding habits are factored into your insurance premiums.  Claims free and conviction free discounts apply to each policy.  Further savings are realized for your good riding history and driving records as you will not be subject to surcharges that apply for tickets (convictions) and claims for some insurance carriers.

With multiple insurance companies underwriting Open Road Motorcycle Insurance, the goal is to provide an insurance quote for each rider and bike.  However, power and value of a bike will certainly affect the cost of your insurance policy.  To that point, a less expensive and less powerful motorcycle will generally be less expensive to insure.  Further, a less experienced rider riding a powerful motorcycle will certainly see an increased premium based on those factors.  Please speak with one of our licensed insurance brokers to best determine how you manage your insurance premiums.

Open Road Insurance knows that motorcycle rider training is a key component to safety on the “Open Road”!  As such, our underwriting partners motorcycle insurance rates indicate this. Open Road Insurance and our partners offer savings upon completion of an approved motorcycle rider training course.   Proof of successful completion is required.  Motorcycle rider training is an important element  to making you a more skilled, safer rider and ultimately helping control your insurance premiums.

Better motorcycle insurance premiums start with the completion of your M1 Exit course.  Further discounts can also apply for completion of a recognized Advanced Motorcycle Rider Training course. Some conditions apply.

 The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario approves recognized Advanced Motorcycle Rider Training courses.  Motorcycle training courses are offered through multiple providers and at multiple locations across the province.

Open Road Motorcycle Insurance has multiple underwriting partners to ensure we give the best possible quote for all riders regardless of bike type.  However, all premiums factor into account the type of bike as well as many other factors including rider’s insurance and riding history among other criteria that determine the cost of your insurance policy.

If you are involved in an accident where you are not at-fault, then there will be no impact to your premium.  If you are deemed at-fault in an accident, then upon renewal your policy will be based on your updated insurance history report and may result in an increase.  In a limited circumstance, an accident forgiveness waiver may be available (Echelon Insurance only for riders with advanced rider training meeting certain other criteria) for riders who are claims free with 9 years of claims free motorcycle insurance history that will waive their first at-fault accident and not result in an increase to their premium.

Riders do not necessarily require any specified amount of riding experience, however each insurance carrier will determine their own criteria when assessing the eligibility of each rider.  Such criteria can include a combination of experience and class/type of motorcycle as well as their insurance history and driving/riding record – Motor Vehicle Report.

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Open Road Motorcycle Insurance” also specializes in off road insurance for your dirt bike, ATV & Side-by-Side too. “Insurance for riders by riders”!