Merry Motorcycle Christmas

If you have a motorcyclist in your family shopping for Christmas can be very easy. There are so many things to buy a rider but it all starts with one question….”what brand and model of bike do you ride”? If you are hesitant to ask, check out their social media. They are motorcycle riders! They will have pictures of their bikes all over Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Knowing the type of rider is super important. Are they dirt bike riders, sport bike riders or cruisers? You may not want to buy a battery charger for a dirt bike rider and you wouldn’t but a Valentino Rossi T-shirt for a touring rider.

Your shopping should start with the local motorcycle dealer. Make sure to go armed with the bike info. Your knowledgeable dealership employee should be able to guide you to a great gift.

If Covid restrictions prevent you from visiting the local dealer try their websites. Many websites allow you to shop by bike. Punch in the brand, model and approximate year and the website will populate with great gift ideas applicable to that type of riding. When buying online, it’s best to shop with a reputable dealer or outlet.

A good tip is to sneak out to the store with their existing gear. Most riders in Canada have put their bikes and gear away for the winter. They probably won’t miss a glove, helmet or boot. If that special someone has footwear on their Christmas list you can grab an insole from any old pair of shoes and compare it for size with the new boots. Worst case scenario, take a picture of the gear for reference.

If you’re on a budget you usually can’t go wrong with a motorcycle branded hat, t-shirt, sweater or jersey. Smart battery chargers and bike care kits (wash, wax, lube, etc.) are also popular. If you are shopping for riding gear or parts you need to be very specific. Have the rider send you specific links to what they like. When all else fails, most riders would appreciate a Gift Card from their local motorcycle dealer.

As you probably know, 2020 has been a strange year for retail. You may not know that the pandemic has caused a resurgence in motorcycling. When combined with interrupted production, the supply of motorcycle goods has been very limited. It’s best to shop early to avoid being disappointed by bare shelves.

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