EYES (Part 3)

Eyes part 1 talked about understanding and training the riders eyes to perceive potential dangerous situations. Part 2 talked about how others might or might not see you. In Part 3 we will talk about how to train your eyes to prioritize when and where to look. In urban environments you should be practicing SIPDE, …

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EYES (Part 2)

You might think that they take a steady video of to analyse what’s going on. In fact, your brain processes action as a series of still shots. Your brain is also programmed to identify familiar objects and possible disregard unfamiliar items. There is an acronym known as SMIDSY or Sorry Mate I Didn’t See You. …

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EYES (Part 1)

Eyes are the windows to your brain. They control what you see and how you react. You have probably heard of target fixation or conversely “to look where you want to go”. The first is a must not and the second is an absolute must. Eyes may not naturally know to look where you want …

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Rider Preparation

When it is allowed in your jurisdiction it is always good to start the year with a little practice. For most riders its been 6 months since you last swung a leg over and twisted a throttle. A little practice can go a long way to honing your motorcycle skills. Fortunately, there are lots of …

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